Understanding Inclusion

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Embracing Social Inclusion (HK Gov)

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Embrace an Inclusive Society (ISD)

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An Inclusive Society: Existing and planned measures on the promotion of racial equality (PCPD)

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Respect and social inclusion:

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Disability and health:

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Self Photos / Files - 3435184What information did you collect? Please list and share it with your classmates.



Self Photos / Files - 3435184Compare the content of these materials, what are the similarities and differences?



Self Photos / Files - 3435184Has your understanding of social inclusion changed? If yes, what are the changes?





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Self Photos / Files - bulb_icon-icons.com_74600What is social inclusion?


Self Photos / Files - bulb_icon-icons.com_74600As a secondary student, how should we care for and respect people with disabilities in society?

             (E.g. in communication skills, behaviour, attitude, etc.)


Self Photos / Files - bulb_icon-icons.com_74600With the long-term goal of building an inclusive society together, what short-term goals would you set for yourself?

             (E.g., in developing communication skills, caring behaviours and attitudes, etc.)


Self Photos / Files - bulb_icon-icons.com_74600What will you do to achieve these goals?


Self Photos / Files - bulb_icon-icons.com_74600If you achieved these goals, what do you think you and others will gain?